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BEYOND HEALTH: Transforming Self-Funded Healthcare for Vehicle Dealers

GPW understands the challenges that automobile dealerships face when aiming to provide comprehensive benefits to colleagues while simultaneously managing the skyrocketing costs of health care. There is a solution to both challenges – introducing “Beyond Health”*. Specifically designed for companies with more than 50 colleagues, Beyond Health is an integrated self-funded benefits program providing improved buying power through group purchasing and stability in costs through captive insurance participation. The program manager, BevCap, handpicks the most innovative providers that challenge the status quo and offer industry leading solutions to the Beyond Health membership. By entering Beyond Health, you are joining a team of like-minded companies and are empowered to share challenges, best practices, and solutions to health care’s most challenging problems that were successful for your dealership.

Key differentiators Beyond Health members enjoy include:

Active Risk and Healthcare Cost Management: The Beyond Health program combines best-in-class cost containment and member advocacy solutions, providing excellent care and services to colleagues at the best cost to the colleague and the company.

Collaboration and Networking: The Beyond Health program connects like-minded members with similar interests and risk profiles, fostering a culture of collective responsibility. Members actively engage in risk management efforts and collaborate to minimize losses. Program members benefit from a supportive community where members have an opportunity to meet face to face, learn from each other, share experiences, discuss best practices, and gain valuable insights.

Ownership and Control: Through self-funding and group captive participation, Beyond Health program members are afforded ownership and control over their health care benefits program. Members benefit from flexibility with plan design, provider network choice, and implementation. From implementation to renewal, members are actively empowered to participate in decision-making processes related to colleague experience and health care costs, providing a tailored solution to meet their unique needs and manage healthcare costs.

Long-Term Partnerships: With renewal retention in excess of 95%, the Beyond Health program values long-lasting relationships and will ensure you feel supported and valued every step of the way. Once they join, Beyond Health members don’t leave the program because they decide what works for them.

By embracing the benefits of the Beyond Health program, companies can transform their approach to managing health care costs. The program provides active engagement in risk prevention, strong relationships with peers, better managed health care costs, and greater control over benefit programs, all while creating the best experience for the most important people, your colleagues and their families.

GPW, a member of the Beyond Risk family of companies, designs and delivers a broad range of innovative and efficient insurance solutions. Follow GPW and Associates, Inc. and Beyond Health on LinkedIn, and contact us today to learn more about how our innovative solutions can help you protect and grow your business!

*Beyond Risk and Beyond Health are trademarks of Beyond Risk Management, Inc. Beyond Health products and services are offered through BevCap Management, LLC, which belongs to the Beyond Risk family of companies.

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